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10 February 2007 @ 06:30 pm
6;; Update  
This is going to be shortish ... I promise.

1. School.
 Firstly, just so everyone knows, because someone you dont (ie. Jess :P) I go to an all girls school. Anyway that's really not that important but just incase you were wondering or anything. Well this week wasn't too bad because it was really only two and a half days of actual classes because on Wednesday afternoon I began my community service for this term doing work at a local primary school then Thursday we had a special start of the year mass and then Friday was our swimming carnival. Classes so far are goingg okk ... my major hurdle which I am going to have to overcome extremely quickly is that I feel really unmotivated. Which is extremely bad, because though not this semester, next semester some of my subjects including maths will count towards my exit (final year 12) results. I just, after hours and hours and countless weekends and nights studying last year and then having almost two months off I'm finding it heaps hard to get back into the routine of school and the routine of studyingg. Anyway, hopefully that will improve, especially as I start to get busier with sooo many things starting up again soon. Yesterday was a great day though having our swimming carnival. I love inter-house carnivals at school. Love them. Partly because of the immense pride and spirit everyone as in their house and because we have cool theme's and we can get dressed up in theme and also because I love swimming and athletics and I'm reasonably good at them. lol And I love doing my part, trying to earn my house points. Like yesterday, our house captain asked me to swim 100 Butterfly (and there is only 1 race, with all year 12's) and I really didn't want to but there was no one else to do it, and believe me when I say my house needs as many points as we can get! Anyway I was happy with myself yesterday, I swam Freestyle, Backstroke, Breastroke, Butterfly (all 50) and then the 100 Butterfly and I was in the first relay team for my house. Yesterday was great, but it's also rather daunting because next year that is going to be me, one of the year 12's. And everything that happens will be like the "last (insert event here)" ever. Even though the thought of never having to go to a swimming carnvial ever again would probably be a happy thought for many people. But I'm trying not to dwell on that tooo much. So yeh, a rather good second week of school ... but next week is going to be the real challenge. Our first "full" week of school.

2. Sport. Firstly, Basketball. We had our first game this morning, and to be honest we didn't really start of well, but neither did the other time. And 1/4 time the score was like 4 vs 3 which is basically 2 goals each. Eventually though we got into it and everyone in our team played really well. We ended up winning 34 to 28 even though were infront by over 10 at 3/4 time. And yours truely even scored 4 baskets ... netball shots and all. lol basically, I shoot a basketball like a netball because I mainly play netball, even though I don't really play shooter in netball. Now to netball. We had our sign on day today! Yay ... I lovee netball soo much. It's so much fun and even though none of my really close friends play, I enjoy meeting new people and people from other schools. And I lovee umpiring. Even though people abuse you it's funn having people listen to you and getting to blow the whistle lol

3. Upcomming events. Wow ... I have soo much stuff that is going to be happening over the next couple of weeks it's rather daunting. This comming Friday, I am going to a social afternoon for our school St. Vincent de Paul (a charity for those of you who don't know) because one of my best friends is the president for our school. Then a friends birthday the following week and on Saturday we have a school dance. Then the following week there is a dance at a boys school that my friends and I are going to. Then the following week it's FINALLY the Semi-Formal. yay! Oohhh just a quick update RE: the semi. I have a pre and a post semi formal party to go to now so it's offically going to be an extremely awesome night even though I have to tell my parents and convience them to let me go. And between all of this, it's my friend and then my mum's birthday within a couple of days and I have basketball and swimming training and netball grading which will decide what teams we are going to be in.

4. DVDs. Tomorrow I am going shopping to get my friend, the one whose birthday it is a present - season 1 & 2 of One Tree Hill. And because K-Mart & BIG W have them on really cheap, I'm going to buy myself season 3 of OC and season 1 of Supernatural. Sooo exciting. I love my boxsets. I already have Season 1 -3 of One Tree Hill, Season 1 -2 of the OC, season 1-2 of Veronica Mars and season 1-3 of Newlyweds ... so my collection is going to get bigger! yay. If you are wondering why I have so many I'm not really sure. But I watch them ALOT. I would prefer to watch my boxsets then to watch movies over and over and over again. I don't know why but I just can't help myself and I watch them soo often. And I have a list of boxsets I want to buy when the are finally released. The list is something like ... Season 4 of One Tree Hill, season 1 of Jericho and Heroes, season 4 of The OC and season 2 of Supernatural. haha I sound so obessive.

5. Wow speaking of TV ... how great was Heroes/House/Supernatural/OC last week?? I loved them all soo much. Even though I say that with a heavy heart because there is only 4 EPISODES OF THE OC TO GO EVER! However, I now have Heroes which currently, will satisfy the empty bit of my heart. lol :)

6. Icons. Hopefully will be a new icon post soon depending on how much time i have. Lately I've been lacking inspiration and haven't really known what to make icons of. If anyone has any ideas I would be eternally greatful! :)
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haelicons on February 11th, 2007 12:18 am (UTC)
woot, glad there's another heroes fan. i'm yet to find a LJer who doesn't like it. its not fair, in aus were not even up to ep. 3 yet!

yay for Kmart and their cheap dvds. mums taking me there this arvo to get seasons 1, 4 and 5 of gilmore girls on dvd, can't wait. and now that you've told me all those other goods ones ill just have to get some more ...